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Welcome to The Assuminati Podcast, the intriguing podcast where the seemingly ordinary is questioned and conspiracies become the norm. Your hosts, Matt, Brandon, and Bobby, are here to take you on an exciting expedition into the hidden corners of society, diving deep into conspiracy theories, both known and unknown. Each episode unpacks a range of topics - from widely known controversies to the obscure theories that rarely see the light of day. 


As a listener of The Assuminati Podcast, you're set for an adventure that'll open your eyes to conspiracies lurking beneath our everyday reality. Whether you're an experienced conspiracy theorist, a newcomer to the world of hidden truths, or just a curious individual, our team will captivate you with their expertise, sharp insights, and unique takes on each topic.


The Assuminati Podcast is not just a show; it's a journey into the extraordinary realms hidden within our 'normal' world. Brace yourself for a captivating ride with us - where nothing is as it appears, and everything you know could be cloaked in conspiracy. Explore with us, question with us, and become part of the Assuminati community. Welcome aboard!


Picture of Brandon, a host on The Assuminati Podcast


Picture of Matt, a host on The Assuminati Podcast


Picture of Bobby, a host on The Assuminati Podcast


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